Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Available Workers

Available Workforce for Any Job - Industrial, Manufacturing, Processing, Warehousing, etc.

Available workers and access to North Carolina’s award winning job training resources make the Halifax Corporate Park an ideal location for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations. The area’s productive labor force has a strong work ethic that is willing and able to work in variety of jobs for new and expanding industries. Our location along the Interstate 95 corridor makes it easy to recruit workers from a large regional labor pool. North Carolina’s s Right-To- Work law ensures free trade and commerce for all industry sectors. The area boasts a diversified industrial base with a strong presence of firms in the pulp and paper, forest products, food processing, and advanced manufacturing industries. Halifax County is designated as a Certified Work Ready Community, which signals to existing businesses, and those to come, that our workers have the foundational skills to make businesses successful.


Halifax County Area Labor Force

  Halifax County Area 30 Mile Radius 60 Mile Radius
Total Population 73,667 138,874 986,162
Population Age 16+ 60,160 114,761 796,254
In Labor Force 29,708 56,179 462,949
Employed 27,151 51,784 426,917
Unemployed 2,557 4,350 32,019
Unemployment Rate 8.6% 7.7% 6.9%
% Blue Collar 48.8% 51.4% 47.1%
% White Collar 51.2% 48.6% 52.9%
Daytime Population, Age 16+ 51,325 94,158 726,413


Workforce Training Services

Workforce training is accomplished through an impressive network of secondary, technical, and higher education institutions along with other workforce development partners. This network is focused on delivering the skill sets required to keep Halifax County’s industries competitive in a global economy. Our workforce training and development partners include:

  • Halifax Community College
  • North Carolina State University ‐ Industry Expansion Solutions
  • NC Works Career Center - Roanoke Rapids Office
  • Turning Point Workforce Development Board
  • Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce
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